The Three Teams that the Trainer can Join in Pokemon Go

When the player reaches level five with the help of pokemon go cheats in the game, he has the privilege off choosing a team. This he can do by trapping a gym. A gym can be owned by one single team at a time and if there is any rivalry between the teams on the ownership of the gyms then they can fight it out using their pokemons. The team whose pokemon wins gets to keep the gym and the defeated pokemon has to vacate and look for another gym.

When the team wins, they add prestige points to their teams account. And the losing team loses out the points. The three teams are yellow, blue and red. The yellow team is called Team Instinct whose leader is spark and its symbol is the legendary flying electric pokemon, Zapdos.

The blue team is called team mystic and its leader is Blanche. The symbol of the team is legendary flying ice pokemon, Articuno.

The third team, red is team Valor which is headed by Candela and its symbol is the legendary flying fire type pokemon, Moltres.

Resources and Their Understanding – Clash Of Clan Hack Tool

The Clash Of Clan is played successfully and quickly when the resources are collected and stored efficiently, each of which has a different benefit to offer, check

* Gems – gems are the primary and the most important resource for a clan which can be used for construction of villages, troop development and welfare. Generally the player will have to shed some money for this premium wealth but with the introduction of Hack tool, this has been made easy, free and unlimited.

* Gold – this resource is important in decorating and constructing buildings and is found in the gold pits.

* Elixir – elixir is very essential in the preparation of a unique potion that is used during the war time.